GCH CH Annian’s Great Discoverer JH

February 14, 2007 – August 4, 2015


Owners: Ian Towne and Suzanne M Towne
Breeders: Ian Towne and Suzanne M Towne


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Clark was my son, Ian’s, dog. When Clark was a small pup, he was the first one in the litter to come running to Ian, following him around and looking up at him. He seemed to be saying, “Hey! Look at me. I want to be your boy!” Ian and Clark were made for each other; they were a perfect fit. As a junior handler, Ian earned four Field Trial placements and two Awards of Merit with Clark. He became his personal Hunting Dog and they spent many years wild bird hunting in the fall together. On August 4, 2015, Clark died in a tragic manner. Below is what Ian shared on Facebook:

“I didn’t say much about what happened on August 4th, probably the worst day of my life. On this day I lost my best friend and companion Clark. The evening before we went out for a short boat trip on the ocean. The air was cool and the ocean was flat, the day was great. Towards the end of the day Clark began to shake which I assumed was from being cold because I was cold as well. We headed back and by the time we got to the house he was in a full seizure, by the time we reached the vet he was limp and unresponsive, the seizure raised his temperature to 108 in that time. He passed away the following day after being on life support. He never regained consciousness. What I hadn’t realized was while we were swimming and having a good time he was drinking the sea water. Salt water poisoning is very deadly, it causes vomiting, runs, and seizures. Internally causes brain swelling, Organ failure, and a whole list of other things. Furthermore, if a dog is in seizure for more than five minutes, they begin to suffer from heat stroke, cool them with anything you can and get them to a vet. I am sharing this so hopefully you will read this and have the knowledge that I did not, and you won’t have to live through the same night mare with your furry friends. You never know when the worst is about to happen the most you can do is be prepared for when it does. Clark was a dog unlike any other I’ve had he was great friend an amazing hunter/athlete and lived an awesome life right up until the end, and he will be greatly missed.” 

AKC Number: SR40249506
Date of Birth: February 14, 2007
Breed/Sex: Vizsla/male

Sire: BISS GCH DC AFC Annian’s Great Explorer SH ROM
Dam: CH Annian’s Special Op Sally SH ROM

Health Certification:
CHIC# 63872
OFA Hips – VZ-11706G37M-VPI
OFA Elbows – VZ-EL1081M28-VPI
OFA Thyroid: VZ-TH308/13M-VPI
OFA Cardiac: VZ-CA151/13M/P-VPI
CERF: VZ-809
Von Willebrands – clear
DNA# V480813


AKC Title – GCH – Grand Champion
Date: 08-24-2012

AKC Title – CH – Conformation Champion
Date: 05-10-2008

Tampa Bay Vizsla Club Specialty
Winners Dog (his aunt, Piqua, went Winners Bitch and Best of Winners!)
Date: 01-10-2008

Hunt Test
AKC Title – JH – Junior Hunter
Date: 12-16-2007

Field Trial
Tampa Bay Vizsla Club – Award of Merit
Date: 02-17-2008

Tampa Bay Vizsla Club – Award of Merit
Date: 02-16-2008

Numerous FT Puppy and Derby placements

TBVC’s Hunting Dog Of The Year 2008