CH Zenith’s Annie Get My Gun

June 27, 1994 – July 8, 2015


Owner: Suzanne M Towne
Breeders: Steven Carnahan & Karen Carnahan


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Annie was another dream dog for me – smart, fun, loving and possessing a great drive in the field. She was in the top 10 Vizsla Agility dogs (when competing) and earned a Certificate of Distinction from First and Foremost Rating System for placing among the highest scoring dogs in the nation during the 2002 show year. Additionally, she was featured in Front and Finish magazine for this honor. Annie worked her way through these titles with ease and went on the earn her CDX title in Obedience. Her greatest love though was in the field. She would almost turn inside to go hunt birds. Besides numerous trips up north to Minnesota and Nebraska to hunt pheasants and grouse, she ran in Hunt Tests and Field Trials. Even as a 12 year-old, she was still running strong! Annie was an elegant lady in the ring and at the age of 12 from the Veteran class at the VCMA Specialty, she won Grand Select Bitch! As she aged, she still got to run in Hunting Dog Stakes up until the age of 14. Annie was the foundation bitch of my Annian Vizslas’ line – how very proud to have such a majestic, smart, beautiful and bird crazy lady be behind my breeding line. I was blessed to have Annie in my life for 16 years. Annie was truly loved by many and will never, ever be forgotten.

AKC Number: SN65949706
Date of Birth: June 27, 1999
Breed/Sex: Vizsla/female

Sire: CH Oakleaf’s Dandy Dalton SH ROM HOF
Dam: CH Egri Zenith Lepke

Litters by:

CH Valley Hunter’s Enzo SH
Lewis, Piqua, Asher

CH AFC Comynara Celtic Red Oak SH
Sally, Lola, Rocket

Health Certification:
OFA Hips: Good VZ-7482G30F-NOPI
Von Willebrands – clear
DNA # V279187


AKC title – CH – Conformation Champion
Date: 07-21-2001

VCA National Specialty
Veteran 12 + Class
Fourth Place
Date: 05-03-2012

VCA National Sweeptakes
Veteran 12 + Class
First Place
Date: 05-02-2012

Regional Specialty Sweepstakes
Veteran 12 + Class
First Place
Date: 05-01-2012

Vizsla Club of Metro Atlanta Specialty
Grand Select Bitch
Best Veteran Bitch 11+ Class
Best Veteran
Best Brood Bitch
Date: 04-17-2011

Tampa Bay Vizsla Club Specialty
Best Veteran Bitch
Date: 01-14-2010

Tampa Bay Vizsla Club Specialty
Brood Bitch – 1st Place
Date: 01-14-2010

Registry of Merit
Annie’s wonderful get are to be commended for her ability to earn this special honor:
CH Annian’s Rocket’s Red Flair CD SH RAE VC CGC
CH Annian’s Whatever Lola Wants JH
CH Annian’s Special Op Sally JH
CH Annian’s Great Explorer JH
CH Annian’s Upland Double JH

AKC title – CD – Companion Dog
Date: 02-09-2000

AKC title – CDX – Companion Dog Excellent
Date: 08-29-2002

AKC title – NAJ – Novice Agility Jumper
Date: 02-25-2001

AKC title – NA – Novice Agility
Date: 04-12-2001

AKC title – OAJ – Open Agility Jumper
Date: 04-14-2001

AKC title – OA – Open Agility
Date: 04-21-2002

AKC title – AXJ – Agility Excellent Jumper
Date: 08-22-2004

AKC title – AX – Agility Excellent
Date: 11-27-2004

AKC title – NAP – Novice Agility Preferred
Date: 02-26-2005

Hunt Test
AKC title – SH – Senior Hunter
Date: 02-13-2011

AKC title – JH – Junior Hunter
Date: 10-16-2005

Hunting Dog
Tampa Bay Vizsla Club
2011 Hunting Dog of the Year– 2nd Place

Tampa Bay Vizsla Club
Hunting Dog – 1st Place
Date: 10-23-2010

Tampa Bay Vizsla Club
Hunting Dog – 1st Place
Date: 10-24-2010

Tampa Bay Vizsla Club
Hunting Dog – 1st Place
Date: 04-04-2010

Tampa Bay Vizsla Club
Hunting Dog – 1st Place
Date: 04-03-2010

Tampa Bay Vizsla Club
Hunting Dog – Honorable Mention
Date: 03-20-2010

Florida Panhandle German Shorthaired Pointer Club
Hunting Dog – 4th Place
Date: 03-13-2010

Tampa Bay Vizsla Club
Hunting Dog – 3rd Place
Date: 02-21-2010

Tampa Bay Vizsla Club
Hunting Dog – 1st Place
Date: 02-20-2010

Tampa Bay Vizsla Club
Hunting Dog – 2nd Place
Date: 10-18-2009

Tampa Bay Vizsla Club
Hunting Dog – 1st Place
Date: 03-29-2009