CH Plaza’s Irish Red of Annian


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Owners: Anna and Brandon DeZalia
Breeder: Donell M Scott


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Killian was the hellion out of the Lewis/Willow litter born in the middle of winter in Ohio. Little black boy traveled with Sue Towne from Ohio to Florida to join our household. When he showed up in town, we did not tell the children that we were getting another pup, but we took them to “visit”, knowing, of course, they would want one. So, we loaded up in the car, with a strategy in mind to eventually give in when they finally asked if we could take one home.

They romped and rolled around with his litter mates, Mary, Killian, and Henry. As expected, they were begging to take black boy home. What a joy to be able to say “okay”, and load him up in the car on that March day in 2011. We brought Killian home to join Finnegan, our one year old Vizsla, and they got along immediately. I don’t know if he knew what to think, but he was very careful of Killian’s small size. They eventually grew to love each other and Killian’s happy go lucky, bouncy yet clumsy demeanor complemented our household well. Killian is a very loving, cuddly, soft Vizsla. Whenever consoling is needed in our home, you can rest assured he will be there to lift you up (and knock you down and lick you).

He finished his Show Championship in September 2012, and was notorious for 2nd place in Puppy and Derby competitions in Field Trials. Killian wakes up with a positive happy-to-be-alive attitude every single morning, and you can’t help but smile and be reminded of what a joy life is, and how blessed we all are to have each day. When the kids get in the car from school, they say they can’t wait to get home to see Finn and Killian. It sure looks like the dogs feel the exact same way. Killian continues to give us a positive outlook on life every single day. It’s tough to get mad at Killian, because he has such innocent intentions; and even it you DO get mad, it’s impossible to stay there. I can’t imagine our lives without him.

Thank you Sue Towne for this beautiful boy!

AKC Number: SR65767403
Date of Birth: December 11, 2010
Breed/Sex: Vizsla/male

Sire: BISS GCH DC AFC Annian’s Great Explorer SH ROM
Dam: GCH CH Plaza’s Willow Weep For Me

Health Certification
DNA Number: V638882
Penn Hip: over 90%
OFA Hips VZ-13032G26M-VPI
OFA Elbows VZ-EL1678M26-VPI




AKC title – CH – Conformation Champion
Date: 11-17-2012

Field Trial
Emerald Coast Vizsla Club
Amateur Gun Dog – 4thPlace
Date: 01-26-2014

Tomoka Woods Pointing breed Dog Club
Amateur Walking Derby – 2nd Place
Date: 11-03-2012

Emerald Coast Vizsla Club
Open Derby – 2nd Place
Date: 10-05-2012

Vizsla Club of Michigan
Open Derby – 3rd Place
Date: 04-28-2012

South Louisiana Vizsla Club
Amateur Walking Puppy – 3rd Place
Date: 02-03-2012

South Louisiana Vizsla Club
Open Puppy – 3rd Plce
Date: 02-03-2012

Emerald Coast Vizsla Club
Open Puppy – 4th Place
Date: 01-27-2012

Emerald Coast Vizsla Club
Open Derby – 2nd Place
Date: 01-27-2012

Hunt Test
Emerald Coast Vizsla Club
Senior Hunter – 1st Leg
Date: 02-09-2014