CH Back In Towne Oakleaf Garnet


May 6, 1994 – March 6, 2008

Owner: Suzanne M Towne
Breeder: Linda Kelly


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I lost my special old girl, Nettie, only two months shy of her 14th birthday. Nettie was a very special dog in my life, and I had the pleasure of being “teamed” with her to accomplish many titles. She was, in every sense of the word, a true Versatile Vizsla. Nettie finished her Utility Dog title as one of the most enthusiastic Vizslas I have ever seen, and she had more fun in the Utility ring than all the others. At a show in Perry, Georgia, Marion Coffman (author of The Versatile Vizsla ) was observing Nettie as she completed her exercises in the Utility ring with such joy and commented, “She is a wonderful representative of our breed.” That comment made my day!

While training for Agility with my younger dog, I thought Nettie might enjoy that too. So, at the age of eight, she began her Agility career, which she enjoyed for two years, retiring at the age of 10. Despite all of her AKC titles, hunting was truly her greatest strength. From the age of six months, Nettie went upland bird hunting in Minnesota, Nebraska and South Dakota. My husband (at the time) exclaimed that she was the best hunting dog he’d ever had, when that year Nettie pointed 11 of the 12 rooster pheasants he shot for his limit. Any of you who have ever hunted wild pheasants know they are extremely difficult to shoot because they are flighty and can run…..and I mean run! Nettie was like a snake in the grass, working quietly and swiftly.

When Nettie was 11, I wanted to add a Hunt Test title to her accomplishments, so off we went to Hunt Tests. One of my most memorable moments was earning a “10” in “trainability” from one of the judges. This meant so much to me because I never said one word to Nettie during the run! Her hearing was almost gone, so I communicated with her by using my Utility obedience hand signals, and she followed them superbly. Additionally, she became a Delta Society Pet Partner and was my aid in working with children in therapeutic foster care.
In February of 2008, an aggressive, malignant tumor invaded Nettie’s mouth. When the day came for us to say goodbye, my son and I planted a quail, which my son flushed and shot for her. Nettie retrieved this quail with the enthusiasm of a puppy! She left our world in the comfort of her own bed with her quail in her mouth. She was cremated that way, some of her ashes were spread on special hunting spots in Nebraska. Always in my heart…..never, ever forgotten.

AKC Number: SN16076304
Breed/Sex: Vizsla/female

Sire: CH Matchpoint’s KC Coffee UDX VC ROM
Dam: CH Oakleaf’s Rebel Rouser Ruby JH ROM


AKC title: CH – Conformation Champion Date: 04-14-1997

AKC title: CD – Companion Dog Date: 03-02-1996
AKC title: CDX – Companion Dog Excellent Date: 03-01-1997
AKC title: UD – Utility Dog Date: 06-11-1999

AKC title: NAJ – Novice Agility Jumper Date: 02-24-2001
AKC title: NA – Novice Agility Date: 04-12-2001
AKC title: OAJ – Open Agility Jumper Date: 07-14-2001
AKC title: OA – Open Agility Date: 01-06-2002
AKC title: NJP – Novice Agility Jumper Preferred Date: 03-06-2004

Hunt Test
AKC title: JH – Junior Hunter Date: 12-03-2005

by Nikole T. Zelneronok

We find out eventually that what means most to us in life, is not things, not objects, but unconditional love.
Then we find out that the love is brought to us on tiny little paws.
Puppy breath in the morning, happy tails at breakfast, scent filled walks in the afternoon and cuddles under the blankets at night.

We share our secrets with them. We learn to like tongues on our cheeks and sharing the sofa.
They kiss our tears away and make us smile when we feel the whole world is ending.
They share our joy and brings us life. Unconditional love knows no boundaries.

Then one day we’re alone. The other dogs whimper with confusion and we do too.
One less bowl to fill, one less walk to take, one less grey face to snuggle.
With that loss we bury our friend, our companion, our baby.
What we don’t bury is their love. It stays with us always.
It is still with us when we see an unused leash, or hear a bark off in the distance.
It remains with us.

Know that you will never sleep alone.
You will always have that love by your side
and if you concentrate real hard, you will feel a warm little tongue on your cheek, kissing you goodnight.

Reprinted with permission of the Author