My goal since 1978: To improve and maintain the integrity of this wonderful breed.

SuriI am a small breeder who produces only occasional litters. So I breed very carefully to produce dogs that conform to the Vizsla standard set by the Vizsla Club of America. This has been my philosophy for 30 years, and I believe that every breeder, no matter what the breed is, should follow their breed standards.

I do not breed for profit, and I don’t experiment with my breeding program. I start with an already strong sire and bitch that will give me the optimal chance to meet my goals. I spend a lot of time researching health concerns and pedigrees. This key part of the process enables me to produce structurally sound dogs with affectionate temperaments and the essential health needed to participate in any activity.

The Versatile Vizsla: Elegant in the show ring, exceptional in the field and an adoring companion at home.

LewisI never breed just for the show ring or just for the field. I breed for the all-around package, or the “versatile Vizsla”. I want each of my dogs to be beautiful enough to participate in breed shows, instinctive enough for field trial and hunting, enthusiastic enough to compete in agility, obedience, rally events etc. and loving enough to be the ideal pet and companion. Not all breeders share this philosophy – some breed only for show or only for the field – but I am committed to breeding the all-around, versatile dog. 

Additionally, I have a particular type of Vizsla that I try to maintain, which includes head structure, coat color, size, rear angulation, tail set and movement. In comparing my dogs of the 1970’s and 80’s with my dogs of today, the only real difference I’ve observed is that my current dogs are even more comformationally sound. In a word – I have always bred to improve the quality of the breed. And I remain committed to that goal.