Annian’s Wild Rose


Raizel Oct 27
March 16, 2014 – August 12, 2014

Owner: Suzanne M Towne
Breeder: Suzanne M Towne


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Life sometimes gives us blows that we just simply do not expect. I lost my special Raizel just 4 days shy of turning 5 months old. This was a heart-wrenching experience. I initially was not going to keep a puppy from this litter, but it soon became apparent from the moment Raizel opened her eyes that she was special. She literally began wagging her tail as soon as they opened and crawled on me and visitors with confidence and a desire to lick and kiss them. As a wee pup, she explored her environment with spunk and glee.

I lost my father this spring and after my dad’s Memorial Service, my mother came to stay with me for a month. Raizel sensed that my mom needed her and spent almost every waking moment either at my mom’s feet (playing hide-and-seek under the chair with the big dogs) or in her lap.

She had the staunchest point with the bird wing of any pup I have ever bred – and was ecstatic about real quail! She ran with the big dogs on my property far and wide – I had never had a pup her age do this before. Her personality and temperament were to die for – she was active and playful, but when held – she was still and relaxed and enjoyed loving you. And then she discovered dragonflies – oh my! Every time she was out in the yard – that was her main focus – trying to catch those flying things! She would leap up to a foot off the ground trying desperately to land one in her mouth. When she moved – she glided and just had this “presence” about her that portrayed her confidence and uniqueness. And beautiful – oh my – she was one of the most stunning female Vizslas’ I ever bred – I couldn’t wait to have her strut around a breed ring!

She knew how to swim and had learned to swim out and retrieve a soft ball just days before I lost her. Her last day before she became very ill was spent having the “time of her life” at our Club’s Fun Day. She had a blast searching the sky for dragon flies, swimming and getting time in people’s laps. I heard comments from members about how “special she was,” “how beautiful she was,” “she was going to be a star” and then there were those who wanted to take her home with them! She died of myocarditis, pathology testing over a period of months could not determine how she got this, but it pre-dated the Fun Day. I have to believe that God knew this and wanted to make sure she had the time of her life before he took her into his arms. I think God wanted everyone present to know that she was special and indeed, I think that was accomplished – Raizel left her paw prints on many hearts. A person I know who had a tragic loss three years ago recently wrote, “Most people think you heal from your grief, have you ever heard, Time heals? You carry your grief with you in the beginning, and then it walks beside you for the rest of your life.” Raizel’s loss has been profound – she will always be in my heart – and never forgotten.

Breed/Sex: Vizsla/female
Sire:  BISS GCH DC AFC Annian’s Great Explorer SH ROM

Dam:   GCH CH Annian’s My Fair Lady JH