Annian’s Pride of the Tribe Asher


April 12, 2006 – October 23, 2006
Greatly loved and missed.

Owners: Shella & David Black and Suzanne M Towne
Breeder: Suzanne M Towne


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Three days after returning from the VCOA Nationals in Dover, DE in October 0f 2006, our extraordinary special boy, Asher, was killed in a tragic accident. The horrendous pain and sorrow we felt then is still felt today when we have an “Asher” moment. Asher was one of those Vizsla puppies with immense promise and the potential to be the essence of the Versatile Vizsla. There is no doubt in any of our minds that Asher would have excelled in both the show ring and the field. He was exceptionally “birdy”. He had beautiful conformation. And he was a character – both naughty and adoringly lovable. If you took your eyes off him for more than 30 seconds, he would be doing something he should not be doing or be in some sort of mischief. When caught, he would look at you with his large, gleeful eyes that melted your heart and you’d laugh. No matter he had just eaten your Prada glasses! When tired, Asher would look at you with droopy eyes, so you would gently pick him up. He would rest his precious head on your shoulder and sleep in your arms like a contented baby. He was loved deeply by his owners, Shella and David Black and me. Asher was Shella’s “heart” dog, and his name in Hebrew ironically means “happy.” All three of us believe that one day we will meet our boy again, and then we will know why we named him what we did.

AKC Number: SR34199305
Breed/Sex: Vizsla/male

Sire: CH Valley Hunter’s Enzo SH
Dam: CH Zenith’s Annie Get My Gun CDX SH AX AXJ NAP CGC ROM VC