Lewis finishes his
Amateur Field Championship!

BISS GCH DC AFC Annian’s Great Explorer SH ROM

2012 Vizsla Club of
America’s All Star
Lewis Best in Review!
Lewis was honored to be in the ring with the many revered dual performing Vizslas in America!

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Earned 1st AGD Retrieving Point! Look out – here comes Rhett to the Field Trial world!

Was a 2011
Westminster Kennel Club
and Eukanuba Invitee!

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CH Annian’s My Fair Lady JH



BISS GCH DC AFC Annian’s Great Explorer SH

Audrey and Lewis are the proud parents of 5 boys and 3 girls born March 16, 2014!
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information about Audrey.


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Sal Dickinson of the Tampa Bay Vizsla Club said this, and I found it to be so true, it started me thinking: “What exactly is it that makes the Vizsla so unique, and why do I consider them so special?” After living with them for over 50 years, here are a few of my observations.

The Vizsla is inordinately happy. They don’t have “good” days or “bad” days like you or I might have. They wake up tail-wagging happy, ready to seize the day and make every minute count. Vizslas have an indescribable capacity for unconditional love. V’s want to be with their owners 24/7. Not just on “our” timetable, not just when things are exciting, not just when the mood strikes them. Appropriately, they’re called “Velcro” dogs, because they want to be with us all the time. Placed outside with four other dogs, they wait persistently at the door, lined up one by one to come back inside. They lick the dishes in the dishwasher when we are tidying up after dinner. They climb in our lap at the mere hint that this would be OK with us. They follow us into the bathroom almost laughing at our need for privacy. They make our chairs their chairs, steal our slippers with a devilish glee, practically snuggle us off the bed, and we love them for it all. Even our children don’t get away with as much! Vizslas assume their place in the family with grace and enthusiasm, and they must live in our homes in the midst of us. They are never happy as outside dogs or in a kennel run. They are never happy isolated from their human family.

The Vizsla is a born pointer-retriever. An eight-week old puppy will point like a pro. More importantly and unlike many other sporting breeds, the Vizsla hunts for us, not for themselves. The Vizsla is typically an exceptional field dog with an agile and notable style, a sensitive nose and a strong point. They are a joy to watch, truly want to please their handlers, and their stamina in the field is unsurpassed. Also, their intelligence and sensitivity are remarkable. If we have the patience and awareness to open the eyes of our hearts, what we learn from them is beyond what we could hope for or imagine.

In the breed ring, the Vizsla is elegant in conformation and style, authentically quiet and regal, with a presence all their own. The Vizsla is truly a versatile dog who is beautiful in the show ring, exceptional in the field and an adoring companion at home. Every day I consider it an honor to live with my Vizslas and can’t imagine being without them.

Who knows? One day you too might have the pleasure of owning a Vizsla. Then you too will understand why...

“It’s wonderful to be
a human in a Vizsla world.”

Never has a quote been so true.


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Rhett – Finished his SH title March 1st!

Max - Lewis/Audrey #1 - Won WD and BOS on March 2, 2014 at Pensacola shows -
has 12 show points now!

Laci - Lewis/Audrey #2 - won BOB on March 2, 2014 for 1 point (first point!)
at Pensacola shows!

won "Best of Breed" over two Specials at the Tallahassee dog shows for her first show points!!

Cait - Won Winner's Bitch for 1 point on March 1, 2014 at Pensacola shows!

Dez Lewis/Audrey litter #2 - Won Second Place in Open Puppy at Tampa Bay Vizsla Club's FT 02/16/14!

Killian – Lewis/Willow pup - At ECVC FT 1/26/14 won 4th place in AGD – first FT placement!  Then, at ECVC HT 2/9/14 earned first SH leg!  Go Killian!
Lola –
At ECVC FT 1/25/14 won 3rd Place in ALGD- Retrieving - in highly competitive stake!  At ECVC HT 2/9/14 earned second MH leg!  Go Lola – nothing can stop this 10 year old girl!!!

Bohdi – First Lewis/Audrey litter – earned his JH title at VCMA’s HT in Milner, GA!  Same day his little sister, Cait, earned hers and daddy, Lewis, earned his SH title! It was an Annian day!

Lewis – Lewis earned his SH title on 02/09/14 at ECVC HT in Milton, FL!

Lewis – Finished AFC in Quincy, FL with 4 point retrieving major! He has also won AOM, Best Veteran Dog and Grand Select from Veteran classes at Vizsla Specialties in 2013. He finished 2013 as # 8 Amateur Vizsla Gun Dog in US – that is what you call a “Dual Vizsla!”

Rhett – Won 2nd place in 4 point retrieving AGD stake (his dad was first!) – earning his first retrieving point!

Wilma – Won Winners Bitch at TBVC Specialty January 9, 2014 for 4 point major! In 2013 she earned all her Puppy/Derby points and ended year as # 10 Puppy/Derby Vizsla in US!

Cait – 2nd Lewis/Audrey litter – won Open Puppy for 2 points at VCMA’s Thanksgiving FT in Jackson, GA AND won Amateur Puppy at the ECVC FT in Milton, FL to finish her Puppy Points! Cait earned her JH title at the ECVC HT in Milton, FL!

Max – 1st Lewis/Audrey litter – won 3 point major September 2013 in Monroe, LA! And, he earned his first two JH legs with high scores at ECVC HT in November!

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Saving Millie Sue

Read more about the rescue
of this amazing Vizsla.

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